Not only are LifeSense experienced in helping you grow your personal wealth and secure your future financial wellbeing, we also specialise in safeguarding your assets. Whether it be life, business or medical insurance, our staff are well-positioned when it comes to helping you select the insurance solutions that make the most sense for your specific circumstance.


Take a look at each of our insurance services to learn more about why they could be of value to you:


Life Insurance  Don’t let life’s unexpected events get in the way of the continued prosperity of you and your loved ones. See how you can benefit from life cover, disability cover and critical illness cover, as well as income protection.

Business Assurance

Businesses are not immune to unexpected life events. Death or disability to key personnel can have your business reeling. LifeSense can help you plan against such inevitabilities, and ensure the continued success of your business, regardless of any unfortunate events.

Short-Term Insurance

Little is as crippling to your continued financial success that unanticipated capital outlay. LifeSense can guide you through the process of smartly safeguarding your wealth against such events, by selecting the short-term insurance solutions most likely to benefit you, on terms that don’t burden you unnecessarily.


Learn how to safeguard your hard-earned wealth.

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