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Do you want to see your retirement fund information on your cell phone? Anywhere. Anytime.


All members of Funds administered by LifeSense can now view their pension or provident fund details by cell phone. How?

Introducing the “MyFunds - LifeSense” Mobile APP

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The app will provide you daily updated information about your Fund growth, movement in unit prices, your Fund value and investments.


Remember you will need your user name and password to access the app. You will find these on the Pin Letter discussed below.


Note the app will only activate if Lifesense has your cell number or e-mail address on its database which forms part of the security protocols.


You will also need to connect your cell phone to Wi-Fi or have sufficient mobile data to download the APP on your cell phone.

To Download the App

Note: LifeSense needs to have your e-mail address and cell number on their system for this to work. You can go onto the Portal and load these details yourself. See the details below.


Access the App Store (iStore or Google PlayStore) and search under the keyword “myFunds - Lifesense”. The image above will come up on the screen of your phone once you have chosen the “myFunds – Lifesense” option. Click on “download” and the app will download.


Once the app has downloaded, enter the User ID shown under point 3 of your pin letter as the Username and next to Password type in the pin number in point 4 of the pin letter. Be sure to enter the full 9 digit number. Click on Submit. You will receive a one-time password (OTP) by SMS on your phone and by e-mail if the Lifesense system has both details for you on record. Enter the OTP on your phone and save.


The app will open.


The next time you open the app, it will ask you for the Username and Password but not for the OTP. It will ask you to enter a new OTP approximately once a month which will be sent to you when you try to access the app again.

Your retirement fund in the electronic age

Attached is a “pin letter” that will grant you access to your retirement fund on-line and the details of which can be used for the “my-Funds Lifesense” App. Access the member portal at the address below and update your personal details with a cell number and e-mail address so that the “my-Funds Lifesense” app will be able to send you the OTP number, and in order to send you other information from your fund in the future.

Click below to log in to your LifeSense Portal

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