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LifeSense Investments & Financial Planning


LifeSense Financial Services has a long and successful track record when it comes to private wealth management and financial planning. Our pragmatic investment ethos is the bedrock of innumerable client success stories. When it comes to wealth generation, there just aren’t any quick, easy solutions. LifeSense uses a proven, four-tiered investment philosophy to enable our clients to achieve their targeted financial goals, using risk profiles suited to their individual needs. LifeSense’s financial planning advice is based on internationally accepted lifestyle planning standards.

Get the Right Investment for you

LifeSense approaches financial planning holistically to help our clients achieve their specific short, medium and long term financial goals. We offer comprehensive consulting and educational services to ensure that our clients:

  • Are able to set realistic financial goals

  • Have the ability to meet their goals

  • Can set and maintain budgets to achieve their goals

  • Are aware of all their contractual liabilities

Our Investment Products

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