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At LifeSense Financial Services, we provide class leading cloud based services for your specific requirements. Our solutions aim to reduce management time and expense on queries and processing, whilst enhancing staff satisfaction through our on-line self service facilities. We also provide outsourced solutions for both small and large enterprises and pride ourselves on doing the right thing, first time, on time, every time.

Structure and optimisation

The complexity of today’s regulations and compliance requirements leave many businesses wondering how they are going to cope. At LifeSense, we have professional experienced partners in this field to correctly optimise and align policies and procedures. Amongst other things we have experts that ensure letters of appointment correspond with Pension Fund rules and that medical aid deductions are in accordance with your health policy.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are the way of the future. You can view pay slips online, view & down load IRP5 certificates, apply and approve leave electronically and verify payroll on-line from where ever you are in the world. LifeSense Financial Services provide a cloud repository for forms; appraisals; letters of appointment etc which limits the flow and storage of paper documents.


We will check for non compliance with legislation and conduct a compliance audit. Experts will review salary and tax structuring practices in the organisation. There will be full compliance with SARS practices

Advisory Services

We are available at all times throughout the year to advise and help on issues as they arise, be these legislative changes, secondments out of SA, new recruits, special packages and the like. We hold your hand every step of the way.

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