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Illness and injury is not only remarkably traumatic, but also leads to a whole host of unforeseen (and often quite substantial) expenses. Such expenses can have a profound impact on your continued ability to accumulate wealth. LifeSense can assist you in finding the best way for you to bypass such a situation, by helping you choose health coverage solutions that suit your specific lifestyle and context.

Finding the Right Medical Aid

Medical Aid:  

Given the unfortunate realities of South African life and infrastructure, it just isn’t prudent to not have medical aid coverage. Private hospital expenses far exceed most expected personal liabilities, and to be without cover is to expose yourself to potential financial ruin.

Why LifeSense?

Picking the right medical aid solution is far from straightforward. A wrong choice could have you paying too much or having too little coverage. LifeSense has an intimate knowledge of available medical aid products, and understands exactly how to match the right solution to your very specific personal requirements.


Medical Aid GAP Cover

Why Medical Aid GAP Cover:  

Even the most careful and measured medical aid selection can leave you short if a specific illness or injury should be suffered. You could find yourself in a situation where your medical aid only partially covers a significant medical expense, leaving you financially exposed. Medical gap cover is a policy that will ensure the difference is paid, so that you aren’t subject to such financial strain

Why LifeSense?

While medical gap cover is potentially invaluable, it is not something – despite what your insurance company may say – that you necessarily require. LifeSense can use their expertise and experience to assess your personal context against your current medical aid coverage, and advise you on medical gap cover necessity and selection.

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