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Business Assurance

Unexpected life events can wreak havoc upon a business’ continued profitability. Should shareholders or key staff members be affected by death, disability or illness, or unanticipated business liabilities occur, your business needs to be protected. LifeSense has the expertise and experience to guide you in choosing the right business assurance solutions for your company, so that it can continue to thrive, regardless of what may happen.

LifeSense Specialises in:
  • Key person insurance: More often than not, the success of your business hinges upon the continued work of key employees, who possess certain irreplaceable skills and knowledge. Your business needs to be protected against the potential adverse financial consequences of their sudden death, illness or disability.

  • Buy and sell agreements: The loss of a key shareholder can often bring a business to a grinding halt while the way forward is discussed. Buy and sell agreements are a form of business assurance which allow for the structured and smooth transition of assets in such an event, with minimal impact on continuing business operations.

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