Short - Term Insurance

Unexpected loss or damage to key assets can be a huge financial setback. Not only does their repair or replacement require unwanted capital outlay, but their loss could have additional impact on your ability to earn wealth. Long-term financial success requires mitigating these eventualities, providing you with a sound, reliable plan for future prosperity. LifeSense can ensure that you select the right short-term insurance solutions to ensure exactly that.

LifeSense Specialises in:
  • Household insurance: Guard against the financial implications of unexpected household damage or the theft/damage of a household’s contents.

  • Motor insurance: Already a depreciating asset, it’s important to protect against the potential financial burden engendered by a vehicle being stolen or damaged. Comprehensive motor insurance provides cover for damage to both your vehicle and that of a third party (i.e. another party involved in an accident). Third party motor insurance provides cover for the third party only, and will require you to pay for your own vehicle’s damages. Let us asses your needs.

  • Commercial insurance: Often, the continued livelihood of your business depends on key assets. Theft of, or damage to, a company vehicle or a crucial piece of machinery could cripple your ability to remain profitable. Commercial insurance allows you to protect your most vital business assets, allowing you to swiftly replace key items in the event of their loss or destruction.