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Life Insurance

Navigating your way through selecting the right life insurance products for you can be an arduous and confusing task. You need to make sure you are covered for probable eventualities, but also that your comprehensive cover is both tax-efficient and not an unnecessary drain on your ability to grow your wealth.


The right life insurance products can cement your peace of mind by ensuring that you can provide for your family should you become deceased or disabled. This is an essential part of thoroughly planning for your retirement years. Unfortunately, however, it is estimated that only 2% of South Africans possess adequate life assurance cover. LifeSense can help you make certain that you have enough cover.

  • Life cover: Ensuring the preservation and safe transfer of your wealth in the event of your death. Whole life assurance provides your family with a large lump sum, tax free, in the event of your death, ensuring that they can maintain their quality of life in the unfortunate event of your passing.


  • Disability cover: Suffering a disability severely limits your ability to continue growing wealth, and brings with it a slew of unexpected expenses. Disability cover allows you to preserve your lifestyle in spite of such events.


  • Critical illness cover: As with disability, suffering a critical illness could do irreparable damage to your financial wellbeing, and that of your dependents. Critical illness cover guards against exactly this.


  • Income protection: Short-term employment setbacks – such as retrenchment or temporary illness – could have long-term consequences for your personal wealth. Protect yourself against these temporary hurdles with income protection cover.

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