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Linked investment service providers (or LISPs) offer unrivalled convenience in exposing your money to as many growth opportunities as possible. They provide a simple, efficient way of ensuring effective portfolio diversification.

What Are Linked Investment Service Providers?

A LISP is an administrative entity that can provide you with a single point of access to a multitude of collective investment products. In other words, you can make a single investment commitment with a LISP, and that capital will be distributed across a whole host of funds, each, in turn, distributed across various sectors. The manner in which the capital is distributed is designed to maximise return on investment.

The Benefits of LISPs

  • Unparalleled exposure and diversification

  • The convenience of a single point of contact

  • Relief from administrative burden associated with managing multiple investments (and the related requirements of legislation)

  • More diversification is usually associated with the dilution of risk

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