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Unit Trusts

Unit Trusts have long been amongst the most popular private investment options for regular South Africans. Bringing financial markets to the man in the street, their accessibility, reliability and stability have made them the foundation of many private wealth acquisition strategies.

What are Unit Trusts ? 

Unit trusts offer everyone access to equity, bond and money markets, by pooling together the collective capital investment of thousands into a trust that is managed by financial professionals. This capital is used to fund investment in a portfolio spanning various sectors (guided by the specific trust’s risk profile). This portfolio is divided into units, of which an investor is given a number commensurate with the size of their investment (either a lump sum or regular contribution).


In this way, you are given access to premium markets, without being priced out by their prohibitive cost. While, obviously, the rewards of unit trust investment tend to be diluted when compared to private stock investment, the risk involved is also diluted, due to the lesser required capital outlay and the more reliable investment performance.

The Benefits of Unit Trusts

  • Very accessible due to small required capital outlay

  • Effective for medium and long-term financial goals

  • Reliable investment growth due to ability to leverage both market ups and downs

  • Tax efficient

  • Investments are quickly and easily cashed out, without prohibitive requirements for capital access or minimum investment periods

  • Very flexible and easily tailored to your needs and lifestyle

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