About KeyRISK Solutions

KeyRISK Solutions is a risk pool established between Capital Alliance and KeyRISK, part of the LifeSense Group. KeyRISK is the product holder and distributer of the product range whereas Capital Alliance is the insurer. The administration is run by Lifesense Financial Services a registered 13B administrator.

This unique structure and combination provides the broker / client with the best of all worlds in the arena of Group Risk Benefits by combining each of the parties via their unique values and specialist services.


Benefit Structure

Clients can select the standard risk benefits including:

  • Group Life
  • Lump Sum Disability
  • Income Disability
  • Illness Benefits
  • Funeral Benefits

There is the option to Flex cover per individual needs. The standard Conversion Options, Free Cover Limits and increase in Benefits are also often better than available elsewhere.


Advice and Support

Through KeyRISK Solutions you will have access to some of the most experienced people in the market to assist you as the client / broker with related choices to structure and benefits to suit each employer’s unique needs. This will ultimately provide the covered member with the best value for money and peace of mind.


Value Proposition

There are many unique features offered by KeyRISK solutions to set it apart from its competitors in the market place. Below are a few of these highlighted

  • Services Excellence
  • Access through the internet
  • Educator benefits on both Life and Disability
  • Employer refund benefits on sick leave
  • Advanced administration capabilities
  • Managed disability and rehabilitation
  • Excellent retirement fund integration


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One of the features of keyRISK Solutions is the underwriting experience across a broad range of each industry and clients.


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