About LifeSense Financial Services


LifeSense Financial Services* has over 25 years of experience providing South Africans with top quality financial services solutions. All the work we do is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to integritytransparency and accountability as we strive for absolute client satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in taking a unique, holistic approach to financial planning, understanding the delicate balance required in growing and securing the wealth of our clients, taking careful consideration of their unique objectives and circumstance. Whether it be estate planning, tax planning, insurance provision, wills, retirement planning or consulting, we have the expertise to find the right balance for you. We pride ourselves on ensuring peerless professionalism, offering you unrivalled prudence and diligence in securing your financial wellbeing.

This same ethos runs through to our payroll and employee benefits divisions. We offer the exact same honest value to our business clients. We know that your concern is growing your business; we offer carefully-considered solutions that maximise efficiency and minimise cost and administrative overheads so you can concentrate on exactly that. We consider your success to be a reflection of our own.


*LifeSense is a level four BEE company